Mission & Philosophy

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Mission Statement
Wichita Friends School seeks to provide a high quality academic experience within a supportive learning environment that reflects the Quaker/Christian values of simplicity peace integrity, community, equality, and stewardship.

Children discovering their world academically, socially, and spiritually rooted in a community that fosters self-directed life-long learning.

A Wichita Friends School Education…

1)…reflects our belief that religion is an integral part of education.
The values and practices of WFS will be rooted in those of the Religious Society of Friends. Each student will experience time to reflect on spiritual growth and religious awareness which speaks to the spiritual dimension of the human experience. Students of all faiths or none are welcome.

2)…encompasses 3 years to 6th grade.
We meet the needs of children during their most critical learning stages by offering a rigorous and dynamic Pre-K – 6th grade curriculum. By establishing excellence early on, students develop their full potential, preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

3)…educates the whole child.
We engage students both creatively and intellectually, providing strong grounding in academics, the arts and physical education. Students are challenged with new knowledge as they are ready to move forward yet the full scope of academic subjects is explored.

4)…calls for a variety of teaching methods and assessments.
Methods for acquiring knowledge and demonstrating understanding reflect the multiple intelligences of our students. The curriculum builds on the strengths of each child and enables students to be engaged in a developmentally appropriate education through a variety of approaches.

5)…allows for individual paced learning.  
The academic program is structured so that students can progress through concept learning at a pace that is challenging. Academic groupings are also sensitive to social development and growth. Small class sizes facilitate individualization.

6)…is rooted in community.
From the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, we recognize the interconnectedness among people and work to discover the value of diversity in the context of community. We come together as individuals continually building relationships through collaboration, cooperation and peaceful conflict resolution. We also seek ways to integrate and connect the subject areas and age groups.

7)…offers skills for lifelong learning, discovery and growth. 
Children affirm their own unique skills in being a positive role model now and in future settings.   With the foundation of values, skills and knowledge developed at WFS, students gain awareness of the natural world and their responsible place in it.