What Students and Parents Say


“Wichita Friends School has been a true blessing for my family.  My
five-year-old son has made so many strides since starting at WFS.  I
see him grow each day.  He loves going to this school!  Academically,
WFS meets his needs by providing individualized instruction and
nurturing his love of learning and exploration.  Socially, he has many
opportunities at WFS to practice teamwork, cooperation, and his
manners.  The school also encourages peaceful conflict resolution and
teaches, in a child-friendly way, how to approach differences with
others in a way in which both parties are respected and an agreement
is reached.  When I see the staff members interact with the children,
I know that they are providing loving guidance, even when they are
re-directing negative behaviors.  The thing that shapes my son the
most at WFS, however, is the consistent exposure to Christian values.
He knows that he is one of God’s precious creations, and he often
comes home singing about it!

The elementary school years are such an influential time in a child’s
life.  The basic knowledge, skills, and values acquired during this
critical period build the foundation for a bright future in which
children are capable of reaching their full potential.

If you are looking for a nurturing school environment where your child
will be challenged academically by qualified and caring teachers and
will be shown the joy of God’s love, look no further than Wichita
Friends School, where your family will become part of a friendly and
supportive community that has high expectations for their children.”

-Susie Ternes, parent

“I love this school! One of the unique things about WFS is the “face to face” policy used when students have a disagreement. They are taught to LISTEN to one another, talk about their own feelings, and come to an agreement; whether an apology is needed, or some kind of resolution, etc. This skill will help them in every relationship they have the remainder of their lives.”

-WFS parent

“Wichita Friends School works hard to educate each child at their own level. My daughter is now seven, in the first grade and has been attending WFS since the age of three and has had the same classmates since she has attended.”

-WFS parent

“There are so many things that we LOVE about WFS! The children are able to grow academically at their own pace; they are able to interact with kids of all ages in the school; the SPICES values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship that the school follows, and we especially love the ENTIRE FACULTY & STAFF who envelop my children for 9 hours every day, living by and teaching these values to my children on a daily basis and making every child that attends school at WFS feel so very special and treating each as the unique individual that they are!”

-Parents of WFS